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The Zvon magazine is the oldest Slovenian magazine of culture and society. It is biannually published by Celjska Mohorjeva Družba. The magazine continues its more than a hundred-year-old tradition that started in 1870 in Vienna by Josip Stritar. Zvon features articles on art, science, and opinions by the most established Slovenian authors while offering opportunities for the younger generations as well. This goes for Slovenians living here and all over the world. The magazine tries to establish the nobleness of the written word and critically evaluate social processes. It preserves tradition but is open to innovations that are not harmful to national and cultural identity. It devotes special attention to selected texts from the important but unpublished literary legacy and to testimonies that give space to historically interesting highlights of important Slovenian individuals and events, often valuable documentary-wise. It is also enriched by visual content.

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  • Publisher: Društvo Mohorjeva družba
  • Representative: Jože Faganel, direktor
  • Address: Prešernova ulica 23
  • Post office: 3000 Celje
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Telephone: +386 3 426 48 00
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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The magazine is co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency.


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