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Razpotja is a journal of the Goriška Humanist Association. It does not want to be a political manifesto, it does not want to offer easy and cheap answers that often serve only as a way to soothe the human soul craving understanding. Razpotje (English for Crossroad) provides a meeting point for individuals, where everyone arrives from a separate path and enters a space of dialogue, a space where we offer our thoughts to others. It is up to them where they go from there.

Razpotja (Crossroads) are places where different paths meet. Each one has a different trajectory; crossroads are not points of convergence or synthesis, they are spaces of encounters. At the same time, they provide the traveller a chance to think about his direction and potential change.

The metaphor is no coincidence.The Razpotja journal is designed as a public space where various points of view can meet. The magazine wants to enable an open and informed debate on various topics of the modern world that are often discussed, but mainly superficially and without thinking carefully about them.

The editorial policy follows this concept. Each issue is dedicated to a topic of broad public interest that is articulated from different standpoints. These articles are usually chosen through an open call for papers, then published on the website and in the magazine itself.

The journal comes out four times per year, one issue per season, and it is available for free. This is our effort to make it available to as wide a circle of readers as possible. Anybody can order a free copy online to be mailed to them, but the journal is also available at numerous public places in Slovenia and in the Slovenian areas of the neighbouring countries. Apart from the thematic section, the journal features articles on current themes: commentaries, interviews, short essays, reflections, and book, film and theatre reviews. Although Razpotja is a Slovenian journal that tries to cover the whole Slovenian cultural space, it also has regional mission and therefore a special section dedicated to the Goriška region. The journal strives to devote special attention to young and aspiring authors from Slovenia and abroad.

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  • Publisher: Društvo humanistov Goriške
  • Representative: Miha Kosovel, zakoniti zastopnik
  • Address: Ulica XXX. divizije 13a
  • Post office: 5000 Nova Gorica
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Telephone: +386 51 203 100
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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  • Executive editor: Miha Kosovel
  • First issue: 2010
  • ISSN for printed version: 2232-2582
  • COBISS.SI-ID: 253649152
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