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Poetikon: magazine of poetry and poetic is the first Slovenian magazine dedicated to poetry, poetry translations, poets' reflections on poetry, and presentations of Slovenian and foreign poets. Poetikon is created by poets, translators, and allies of poetry. The magazine provides and expands a space where poets of different generations and different backgrounds can publish their poetry and discover poetry and the reflections of other poets. Poetikon is published by Književno društvo Hiša poezije that has three imprints, namely Poetikonove lire, Ginko and Nasledstvo sonca.

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  • Publisher: Književno društvo Hiša poezije
  • Representative: Nadja Dobnik, predsednica
  • Address: Pavšičeva ulica 4
  • Post office: 1000 Ljubljana
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Telephone: +386 1 505 52 57
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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The magazine is co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency.


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