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Other activities of the magazine include organizing symposiums and round tables, as well as preparing thematic issues highlighting individual field-related questions. Thus, we have prepared round tables on comic books, translations of young adult literature, kitsch, the tragic and the comic in young adult literature, the future of young adult literature, and many other topics. Since 2004 we also publish monographs in cooperation with the Maribor Public Library.

The Child and a Book journal is the only Slovenian journal devoted to young adult literature, literary education, and literature-related media. It was established in 1971 with the purpose of encouraging young adult literature as an important and necessary creative field that should be discussed systematically and studied within literary science. It started as a collection of articles that transformed into a biannual magazine in 1977, before becoming a triannual in 2003.

Its carefully defined concept and hard work enabled the magazine to enlist cooperation of important local and foreign experts. By publishing relevant contributions it became an important source for literary theorists, teachers, preschool teachers, librarians, editors, and students.

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  • Publisher: Mariborska knjižnica
  • Representative: Dragica Turjak, direktorica
  • Address: Rotovški trg 2
  • Post office: 2000 Maribor
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Telephone: +386 2 235 21 00
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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The magazine is co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency.