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Cicido is a magazine for preschool children and it is very suitable for beginner readers. It was first published in September 1998. Special attention is devoted to original Slovenian fiction, illustrations, and music for children. It encourages the sense of aesthetics in children, dealing with various topics and fields (film and animated film, theatre, museums, galleries, natural sciences); the magazine engages in various fields of intellectual upbringing and social education and encourages children's creativity (art workshops and competitions). It is a monthly magazine with 11 issues per year, the summer one being a double.

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  • Publisher: Mladinska knjiga Založba, d. d., Ljubljana
  • Representative: Peter Tomšič, predsednik uprave
  • Address: Slovenska cesta 29
  • Post office: 1000 Ljubljana
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Telephone: +386 1 241 32 20
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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The magazine is co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency.


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